GNME contribution to Sarqala health care system

Despite the fact that the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has made a significant step forward in developing a public health care system, certain problems remain. Understanding the importance of this aspect, Gazprom Neft Middle East has decided to make its contribution to health care facilities at the area of its operations in Garmian region.

In 2018 the Company supplied a fully equipped emergency ambulance vehicle to the Sarqala public healthcare center. Use of this vehicle allows providing necessary emergency and medical aid even to population of settlements remoted from the main healthcare centers of the region or to those patients who by any reason cannot get to public healthcare facilities by themselves. Accessibility of medical aid can significantly improve living standards at the area.

Diagnostics and use of new medical equipment in the process of curing is also of high important. To support this field of local health care, in 2019 GNME arranged provision of an ultrasonic diagnostic unit and a dental chair to the Kifri hospital and supplied medicine to the Sarqala public health center.

The Company hopes that these projects aiming at accessibility of qualified medical aid will improve standards of living and health care at its License Block.