GNME helps traditional crafts and farming

Due to demographical reasons (great number of young population), unemployment remains one of the most serious challenges of the Middle East, and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is not an exception. Moreover, even educated young men and women very often can hardly find a job due to disproportion of vacancies and number of applicants.

Development of individual skills to start up own business or getting additional income, especially in the case of numerous unemployed family members, becomes a good solution. In 2018 – 2019 Gazprom Neft Middle East has arranged several projects aiming to give youth and women additional professional skills and to involve them in development of local production initiatives. In 2018, the Company sponsored the purchase of 155 sewing machines and series of training courses for housewives from neighbor villages.

It is worth mentioning that agriculture remains major occupation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq even for those of local residents who work in public or private sectors. In this regard, for several years GNME has provided high-standard seeds and fertilizers to support local farmers and increase productivity of their fields.