GNME participates in local sport infrastructure development

Like all over the world, football is one of the most favorite kinds of sport in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Gazprom Neft Middle East clearly understands the necessity to promote a healthy lifestyle and by this reason pays special attention to the support of local sport activities.

After the Company took over operatorship of Garmian Block in 2016, sports became one of the general points of its corporate social responsibility program. Since 2016 the Company has been providing local sport clubs and football teams with necessary equipment on annual basis.

In 2018 GNME sponsored construction of a kick boxing ring for the Kifri sport club and repaired the football playground at Mil-Qasim village. This playground united football players of different ages and became a center of sport activities of the settlement.

It is worth saying that GNME does not forget about the youngest residents of the village. In 2018 a playground was built for children, where they can do sports and have fun playing together.

In 2019, the Company is continuing a sports support project: construction of a playground at Mil Qasim village is ongoing with simultaneously repairing of the Hasira football playground, constructed in 2015 by Western Zagros Ltd - GNME partner and previous operator of the block.