Kurdish students and postgraduates participate in GNME Scholarship program

In modern world, one cannot be a successive person without getting relevant education. For centuries, people of Iraqi Kurdistan have suffered from different range of complications preventing them from access to education. Nowadays, Illiteracy remains one of the key social problems of local society.

From the very beginning of its activities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the Company paid serious attention to this issue. From 2013 in close cooperation with KRG Ministry of Natural Resources, the Company started its Scholarship program. In 2014, the first group of graduates from Sulaymaniyah province was accepted for Geology MSc program of Russian State Oil and Gas University in Moscow.

Also in 2014, a joint committee of MNR and GNME selected the second group of students who joined preparatory classes in Russian Mining University in Saint Petersburg. In 2015, they were accepted to main BSc program of the University. In summer 2015 the third group of students passed interview and was admitted to the same University. It is worth mentioning that all participants of the Program are residents of settlements located at GNME license blocks in Garmian region. GNME hopes that this initiative will lead to a significant contribution to preparing local high-skilled personnel especially for Oil and Gas industry of Iraqi Kurdistan.

In addition, the Company pays special attention to programs aiming to support educational facilities. During 2018, computers and IT-equipment were delivered to local schools (2 working stations per each school). Computer skill classes for pupils and teachers were conducted. Several school classes were repaired.

In 2019, the Company continues its efforts to support local education through commence of several projects

  • Repair works in Sarqala kinder garden building
  • Cleaning of potable water tanks of schools and educational facilities
  • Repair of the 3rd grade classes in village schools of Hasira, Mil-Qasim, Kareza, Kawa Charmo
  • Purchase of stationary for educational facilities.