Green Team: GNME social and environment program


Garbage and wastes on the streets, especially empty plastic bottles, create a big environmental challenge. On the other hand, recycling of garbage and waste management is inseparable part of modern HSE approach to oil and gas operations.

Adhering to corporate environmental and social responsibility principles GNME has launched the Green Team project in 2014 at Shakal and Halabja Blocks. The main aim of the Green Teams is to collect garbage and deliver it to the proper waste site. In 2016 after GNME obtained the operatorship at Garmian Block two more Green Teams were established to keep the area around the Company’s facilities clean.

Along with the benefits for the environment, the project helped to improve the social situation in the local community affected by unemployment. The program is intended to promote the protection and restoration of ecological systems, natural resources, and public health.

Currently 17 local residents are employed, priority was given to aged and disabled people.