Careful approach to the environment

Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V. commenced its activities in Kurdistan region of Iraq in late 2012. More than 5 years of operations were achieved with the highest international safety, health and environmental standards and with the sincere respect to local government legislation.

All GNME operations are performed in strict accordance with the results of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) conducted by authorized Kurdish Environmental Contractor and approved by KRG Ministry of Natural Resources.

In addition GNME accomplishes quarterly Environmental Monitoring in the Garmian area to verify that all its operations are environmentally friendly and there is no impact to local community. The results of EIA and quarterly monitoring are based on air, soil, water samplings with subsequent analyses in certified laboratories both in Kurdistan and in Europe. GNME facility was also visited by Garmian Administration Environment Committee and the Company’s highest environmental standards were acknowledged by the local administration representatives.

As a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft - GNME shares the environmental consciousness as one of its core values. The year 2017 was announced as “The year of environment” with a number of projects implemented to introduce environmental culture to local community:

  • Green Teams are organized to collect garbage and deliver it to the proper waste site;

  • Purchase of trees and herbs for planting by local residents in the region.